Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quick Base

Hi everyone,

I'm starting this blog to show off some of the stuff I build in Minecraft. I'm not the greatest at the game, but I spent a good amount of time on it. So I thought it would be fun to post some of my stuff.

This is a project I did on the server Aardvark MinecraftPVP I joined it a couple days ago and just built this to use up the cobblestone I got from mineing. 

It's a lava wall that surrounds it, and on the inside is a 20x20 pyramid. There is a 2x2 shaft that goes up to the top of the structure, which is an almost perfect octagon. It's not too great cause i only spent an hour on it to waste the cobblestone I got from mining. If I expand on this i'll post more pictures later. 



  1. well done I like that +followed

  2. I love minecraft I just got it yesterday, I have so many questions tho

  3. i really want to get into it

  4. Always like seeing all the crazy stuff people build in this game

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