Thursday, June 2, 2011

Trapdoors/Hatches - Part 5: Hatch

This is the last of a series of blogs on the new trapdoors released in Minecraft Beta 1.6.

The last use of the new trapdoor is going back to the basics, a Hatch.

Upon opening the hatch stairs are uncovered that go down to a chest. This is the most basic use of a trapdoor and is purely for decoration.

QOTD: What is your favorite use of the new trapdoor?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trapdoors/Hatches - Part 4: Bridges

This is a continuation on my blog of the newly released trapdoors.

Another way that bridges can be used is a retractable bridge.

This particular example is only controlled from one end, it could be used to run away from another person. After crossing the bridge flipping the lever will cause the bridge to retract causing anything on it to fall.

This same setup could be used next to a door with a time delay so that the bridge retracts while the player is walking across possibly making them fall into lava or a deep pit.

QOTD: What other traps can you think of to use the trapdoor for?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trapdoors/Hatches - Part 3: Dispenser

This is a continuation of my posts on the new trapdoor.

Another use for the trapdoor is as an item flow controller. To start this I made a small house with a trapdoor in the roof and a water source on the top which makes items flow over the trapdoor. In real use this would be hooked up to a mob farm of some kind.

Items will flow down into the trap door.
 When you want to receive the items, just open the trap door and they will fall to the floor.

QOTD: Are you happy with the way trapdoors work, if not how would you improve them?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Trapdoors/Hatches - Part 2: Stairs

Over the next few days i'll be going more in depth with the various uses of trapdoors, today I will be covering stairs.

The reason to use trapdoors as stairs is so that they can be retractable, this can be used as a design or a trap. For my example I used it as a two room house with a single hallway.

When you step onto the pressure plates the first two steps open, and you can walk through the hallway.
Looking back you can see that the stairs have fallen back into place automatically, and you are in the second room.

 To go back you simply walk on the pressure plates on the way back.

To get onto the stairs, simply jump over the pressure plates. If you don't want to jump every time you use the stairs you can attach the Redstone wire to a switch instead of a pressure plate, but this makes it take longer to go under the stairs. 
QOTD: What sounds better to you, pressure plates or a switch? 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Trapdoors/Hatches Part 1: Crafting

We'll I'm back, I started this blog for about a week a while ago then had to stop for a while, but now that its summer i'll start it up again.

To start things off again I'm going to take a look at the newly released Trapdoor.

The trapdoor is crafted using 6 wooden planks.

It is basically a sidways door, which can be seen easily so would be hard to acctually use this as a pvp trap, but it may be effective as a mob trap. Like doors it con be controlled using Redstone.

QOTD: What is your favorite part of the 1.6 update?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Alocto Stadium Part 2 - Archery Floors

This is a continuation of yesterday's post on the Alocto Stadium which can be seen here:

Today I'll be talking the second and third floors of the building, which make up the archery floors.

The second floor has two stairs that come up from the Gladiator Floor, and come into mini rooms with four exits. This mini room goes into a larger room with four stairs going up to the third floor.

After getting up to the third floor, there is a great open space to snipe people on the second floor, but it is very open, so people can fire back at you and gain cover on the bottom. 

QOTD: Bows or Swords? 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Alocto Stadium Part 1 - Gladiator Floor

Over the next few day's i'll be talking about the 5 story PvP stadium that I've been  working on with a few other people.  First off, why Alocto? Well, I decided a while ago that it would be really cool to have a perfect octagon shaped building, but then I figured out that it's impossible, unless you make it really, really big. So I compromised and had the long sides be 17 blocks long , and the diagonal sides be 12 blocks long, making them 16.97 meters in length. (sqrt(2) *12). I was going for perfection, so I decided I couldn't call it the octagon stadium. So Instead it is named Almost Octagon Stadium, Alocto for short.

Today I'm going to talk about the first layer of the arena, the Gladiator Floor. On this floor we exclusively sword fight, with no arrows. The floor is very basic, simply being a large flat area. On either side there is a room with a bed to reset spawning points, and chests to store swords and armor.

QOTD: Do you ever PvP in Minecraft? 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Testing the Traditional Mob Trap Part 2

I decided to  try something new for my mob trap today. I expanded the base of the trap to a 5x7 area underneath instead of a 3x7.

After doing this something interesting happened, the item rate seems to have quadrupled. A fifteen minute test got a rate of about 400 bones and arrows per hour 800 items per hour in total. As some of you will recall my old design using 3x7 only got about 200 items total per hour. These numbers are only approximations off of 1 test each, but i'm going to start doing testing.  It is possible that expanding to 7x7 or 9x7 will have even better results, I'll just have to see and post back later.

QOTD: Which do you prefer: Creative or Survival?

(Btw, for all of you observant people who noticed the pictures are beta 1.4_01 its because the server i'm on is waiting for the server mod to update before updating the server)

Sunrise :D

I'm a little busy minecraft wise working on a better version of my station. I over thought the design by a long shot yesterday so i'm redesigning the whole thing. In the meantime take a look at this sunrise in the rain :D.  I must say, I've always found something peaceful about rainy sunrises. Even in Minecraft.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beta 1.5 Update and Basic Minecart Station concept

Today, if your not aware, Minecraft Beta 1.5 came out. A list of the updates can be found here

Today I want to focus on powered rails, so I designed a basic minecart station using the new rail.
The basic setup
The basic concept is that there are minecarts going in a circle constantly accelerating, and when a button is pressed the track switches and a cart comes onto a powered rail with no power (making it stop).  At this point you would get into the cart and press a second button to have a second cart come out and push the first along the powered track (which now has power) making it accelerate.

The first Minecart has been stopped on the powered rail, waiting to be pushed by the second.
Coming into the station, minecarts are stopped on a powered rail again with no power so that they stop. At this point you would go and press a third button to cause one of the carts still in the circle to come out and push the minecart you rode along with itself back in the circle to be ready for the next departure.
The minecart has stopped and is waiting to be pushed back into the main circle

Overall, the system is very buggy and only works about half the time, but I do like that we can now make minecart systems without using glitches. I will continue to improve the system, and post a cleaner version of this in a few days.

Here is a video I made to demonstrate it:

QOTD: What is your favorite part of the Beta 1.5 update?

Mining Efficiently

Mining is something that very boring for many people, so it is optimal to get as many ores from mining, as fast as possible. The system of mining that I use does just that. I mine 33% of blocks, and look at a total of 66% of blocks. I find an even larger percent of the ores i the ground. How do I do this? Well:

I begin by digging a two wide whole down to level 15 using ladders on one side and having a basejump (water) on the other side for quick entry. In order to quickly figure out if you are at level 15 click f3 and look at your y value.

Dig out a box that is about 3x3x10. On the far side start your first tunnel. Move over two blocks, and start your second  tunnel, but dig down to level 13 to start this tunnel. Move over two more blocks after this and begin a third tunnel, this time using level 15 again. Continue this process alternating tunnels until the end of the room is reached.

After this Go to the opposite corner and dig down 4 levels to level 11. Dig another 3x3x10 room directly under the first. Dig the same pattern in the second room as in the first. To finish off simply choose a tunnel and dig it as long as you want, then start on the next.
Why this works
Grey squares are tunnels, yellow squares are
exposed squares, white squares are blind spots.
I'm going to start having a Question of the Day section at the end of each blog. 

QOTD: What are your mining techniques? Are they different from mine? 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Simple Farming With Bonemeal

Today I'm going to cover a simple farm system that I use. The system is only good if you have a good source of Bonemeal to grow crops with. I start off with a simple system 15 blocks long as seen to the right with water in the middle and walkways on both sides. After this I use a continuous 3 step process to farm. 

 Step 1: Plant

Run up the both sides and plant seeds on all spots. 33 seeds are needed for a full harvest.

 Step 2: Grow
With this system the next step is to grow each of the crops with a piece of bonemeal. Again, 33 bonemeal are needed or a total of 9 bones.

 Step 3: Harvesting

After this I go through and break every wheat, it is optional to collect items on the walkway during this step. Some of the wheat and seeds will be tunneled down through the water to be collected at the bottom

If you do this process multiple times, during step one you will collect all of the wheat dropped onto the sides.

Once Piston's come out (Notch has confirmed that this won't be in Beta 1.5 so it may take a while) I will create an automatic collection system and share it.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Testing the traditional mob trap

I found a skeleton mob spawner today, so I decided to make a traditional trap used on mob spawners. For those who arn't familiar, the traps look like this:

Basically a bed of water sits under the spawner block, and it brings the mobs over to the glass wall where they drown. I decided to do a 15 minute test run of the farm. I got 50 bones, and 54 arrows. Meaning that the spawner averages about 400 items an hour.

This is a lot better than I originally thought. Some of the larger mobfarms I have built have only had item rates of 800 items an hour. But these took 6-10 hours to build instead of 20 minutes.  The one downside to these kill rooms is that they only work with zombies and skeletons, meaning you can only get arrows, bones and feathers from them at this rate. This is a major setback for me because I like having plenty of TNT for defensive reasons.

Overall, this design is good if you want to get a lot of arrows fast or need bones for growing crops. If you need lots of gunpowder for TNT or string for dispensers, I would stick with larger farms. I'm working on a new design for my farms, i'll share it later in the week, when I finish it.

Quick Base

Hi everyone,

I'm starting this blog to show off some of the stuff I build in Minecraft. I'm not the greatest at the game, but I spent a good amount of time on it. So I thought it would be fun to post some of my stuff.

This is a project I did on the server Aardvark MinecraftPVP I joined it a couple days ago and just built this to use up the cobblestone I got from mineing. 

It's a lava wall that surrounds it, and on the inside is a 20x20 pyramid. There is a 2x2 shaft that goes up to the top of the structure, which is an almost perfect octagon. It's not too great cause i only spent an hour on it to waste the cobblestone I got from mining. If I expand on this i'll post more pictures later.