Thursday, April 21, 2011

Testing the Traditional Mob Trap Part 2

I decided to  try something new for my mob trap today. I expanded the base of the trap to a 5x7 area underneath instead of a 3x7.

After doing this something interesting happened, the item rate seems to have quadrupled. A fifteen minute test got a rate of about 400 bones and arrows per hour 800 items per hour in total. As some of you will recall my old design using 3x7 only got about 200 items total per hour. These numbers are only approximations off of 1 test each, but i'm going to start doing testing.  It is possible that expanding to 7x7 or 9x7 will have even better results, I'll just have to see and post back later.

QOTD: Which do you prefer: Creative or Survival?

(Btw, for all of you observant people who noticed the pictures are beta 1.4_01 its because the server i'm on is waiting for the server mod to update before updating the server)


  1. i tried making a mod trap a couple of times, i could never get the spawning to coincide with my water flow patterns, waste of an after noon :/

  2. Hmm that interesting why would it increase if its using the same spawner?

  3. Survival - creative is too easy.

  4. Survival, but I play on coughcougheasycough.