Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trapdoors/Hatches - Part 4: Bridges

This is a continuation on my blog of the newly released trapdoors.

Another way that bridges can be used is a retractable bridge.

This particular example is only controlled from one end, it could be used to run away from another person. After crossing the bridge flipping the lever will cause the bridge to retract causing anything on it to fall.

This same setup could be used next to a door with a time delay so that the bridge retracts while the player is walking across possibly making them fall into lava or a deep pit.

QOTD: What other traps can you think of to use the trapdoor for?


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  2. Really need to work on my draw bridge using this. Probably going to make it dump into lava.

  3. i love all the new features of minecraft, so innovative.